A curious pup is in a bit of a “ruff” spot after unintentionally setting fire to its home.

Kahuna the dog was the canine culprit behind a house fire that broke out in New Mexico on Jan. 29, according to the Los Alamos Fire Department.

The 9-month-old pooch accidentally sparked a flame when it tipped over a piece of furniture containing flammable objects onto a heater grate, officials said in a statement released Monday.

In home surveillance footage shared on the fire department’s Facebook page, Kahuna can be seen sniffing an item on top of an ironing board before knocking it over. A small fire then sparks on the corner of the room s where the dog had made a mess.

Kahuna quickly fled the scene of the crime, but the pup’s older doggy pal, Paige, watched on from the couch as the flames grew. Eventually, the more senior pooch went to investigate the source of the heat before trotting out of the room.

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“The furnace was operating and produced sufficient heat to melt some of the items, which flowed into the heater and served as necessary fuel to initiate the fire down inside the furnace unit,” Los Alamos Fire Department said in a release. “Video clips showed the timeline of the ironing board being tipped over and the start of the fire approximately an hour later.”

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire and limit damage to the residence, authorities said. Fortunately, Kahuna and Paige were safely evacuated from the flames and no injuries were reported in the incident.

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“Los Alamos Fire Department recommends homeowners ensure that smoke alarms are located in and outside all bedrooms, on each level of a home, and interconnected so that if one smoke alarm sounds, they all sound,” a statement from the fire department read.

“LAFD also recommends that combustible items not be placed on or within three feet of heating devices or heat-producing appliances, especially when pets are left home alone and could knock items onto the heaters.”

The Los Alamos Fire Department jokingly added that Kahuna, who “declined to comment,” is expected to enroll in dog training classed for fire prevention soon.

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